Laboratories (physico-chemical, microbiology, life science) require general laboratory equipment to complete routine and research activities, update existing tools, and remain well-functioning.

General laboratory equipment and instruments are the workhorses of the lab; they make running tests, performing experiments, or doing research all possible. For more than two decades now, Aspen Multi-System Corporation has served the Philippines with high quality laboratory fixtures and understands the importance of having high-performance equipment to produce accurate results. We offer an extensive selection of innovative, high-quality general lab equipment and instruments that are essential in any laboratory. Our lab equipment features long-lasting design with rugged construction, user-friendly controls for easy operation, and innovative technology for outstanding versatility.


bio suction pump

Bio-Suction Pump

Bio-Suction Pump Model JSBS-5000 Bio-Suction is an economical, compact and portable solution for aspirating tissue culture samples, aqueous solutions, buffers, culture media residual suction. Two stage oil-free piston pump provides a high flow rate and powerful vacuum aspiration. 4000 cc autoclaveable glass suction bottle with over flow protection stopper protects liquid ingested into the pump […]

safety cabinet class ii type a2

Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinet Class II Type A2 Cabinet enclosure designed Class II Type A2 provides personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particles such as bacteria, viruses and genetically manipulated materials such as nucleic acids that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containments. Various applications in medical, biomedical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cell culture, tissue culture, […]


Particle Characteristic Diagnosis System

Particle Size Distribution Measurement Detectable Particle Size AU& PT (Guarantee) Measuring Resolution 10nm Operating Pressure 0.03~1 Torr Functions · Monitoring Mode: Real-Time Response for Specific Size · Scanning Mode: Minimum 20 sec for Specific Size Range · Visualization Measurement Magnification x20 to x3000,000 Resolution 3nm (at 30kV SE) Detector SE Detector, BSE Detector Image Mode […]


SEM CX-200

Magnification x15 ~ x300,000 (Effective :~ x100,000) Resolution 3.0nm [at 30kV, SE image] Accelerating Voltage 1kV to 30kV Electron Gun Tungsten Filament(w) Detector SE Detector (Optional : BSE,EDS) Stage 4-Axis Manual Stage System x: 40mm,Y: 40mm T: -20˚~90˚, R: 360˚,Z:5 to 60mm(Motorized) Sample Size 55mm (H),130mm (Diameter) Image Mode(pixel) · RDE (320×240), TV (640×480), Slow […]


Wood Moisture Tester

We have several wood moisture meters available specifically for wood and paper moisture testing. These include the non-destructive HM530 for wood moisture testing, the HK300 paper moisture meters for specialized paper (multi-layer and corrugated) and the MT770 on-line moisture analyzer for hardwoods. All systems include our “Total Care” warranty. Calibrations and calibration points are stored […]

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