Laboratories (physico-chemical, microbiology, life science) require general laboratory equipment to complete routine and research activities, update existing tools, and remain well-functioning.

General laboratory equipment and instruments are the workhorses of the lab; they make running tests, performing experiments, or doing research all possible. For more than two decades now, Aspen Multi-System Corporation has served the Philippines with high quality laboratory fixtures and understands the importance of having high-performance equipment to produce accurate results. We offer an extensive selection of innovative, high-quality general lab equipment and instruments that are essential in any laboratory. Our lab equipment features long-lasting design with rugged construction, user-friendly controls for easy operation, and innovative technology for outstanding versatility.


Paper Moisture Meter

Paper Moisture Meter

Kett offers a unique instrument, the HK300 for specialty papers. This single instrument replaced two industry standards, the K 100 and K200. The HK300 can instantly test both multi-layer and corrugated paper by using the capacitance method of moisture determination. Simply place the sample between the sensors, clamp down and the moisture percentage is digitally […]


Bath / Circulator

Main Specifications ▶Temp. Range  : -45℃ or-20℃ ~ +120℃ ▶Controller     : Digital PID Control ▶Accuracy     : ± 0.1℃ ▶Uniformity    : ± 0.3℃ ▶Circulation    : Internal and external up to 12 liters/min ▶Capacity     : 13 / 22 Liters Precision temperature Hermetically sealed compressor, immersed heater with over head pump motor keep high precision temperature and uniformityFrom -40℃ or -20.0℃ to 120.0℃, ± 0.1℃ accuracy Digital PID Controller enables […]


Autoclave / Sterilizer

Main Specifications Temp. up to 123℃ Accuracy < ± 0.5℃ at 121.0℃ Pressure up to 1.2kg-f/cm² Digital PID control with pt-100 sensor Fully automated sterilization cycle Triple safety feature Convenience & safety Vertical loading with service basket Digital PID controller precisely control set temp-erature within ±0.5℃ and sterilization time in min : sec Dual LED displays present temperature […]

PQ-520 Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester

Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester

The PQ-520 Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester provides fast and continuous measurement of moisture, one kernel at a time. It is possible to accurately determine the moisture distribution of a large sample by using this method of measurement, thus determining the appropriate time for threshing, controlling the average moisture of a received sample, and preventing […]

C600 Rice Whiteness Tester 2

Rice Whiteness Tester

The C-600 Rice Whiteness Tester is measures the whiteness of rice. Because rice whiteness directly correlates with the amount of milling, you can use this device to indirectly measure the milling percentage of a rice sample (glutinous and non-glutinous).   To test, simply insert your sample case containing rice. Both the number of measurements and the whiteness value will be […]

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