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Wood Moisture Tester

We have several wood moisture meters available specifically for wood and paper moisture testing. These include the non-destructive HM530 for wood moisture testing, the HK300 paper moisture meters for specialized paper (multi-layer and corrugated) and the MT770 on-line moisture analyzer for hardwoods. All systems include our “Total Care” warranty. Calibrations and calibration points are stored […]


Concrete and Mortar Moisture Meters

Kett offers two systems for reliable concrete moisture measurement and mortar moisture measurement for the construction industry. The HI800 tests for leaks in walls by using a conductive probe. The HI520 (COCO) uses high frequency capacitance to measure the moisture content in dense solids. Factory calibrations are included for concrete, light-weight concrete, mortar and drywall. […]


Agriculture Grain and Seed Moisture Meters

From the field to the grain elevator and processor, we offer measurement solutions. Kett’s roots are in the grain industry, starting with handheld rice and grain analyzers that were developed in the 1940’s. Numerous handheld, desktop and on-line analyzers are available for both specific grain products and generic testing. All systems include a three-year warranty. […]

Moisture Balance

Moisture Balance

Moisture Determination Balances provide a primary method for accurate moisture measurement by using the loss on drying (LOD) method. A liquid or solid sample is placed in the sample pan. The integrated balance weighs the initial sample. The balance’s lid is closed, start button pressed, and the sample is dried. The balance periodically weighs the […]

Paper Moisture Meter

Paper Moisture Meter

Kett offers a unique instrument, the HK300 for specialty papers. This single instrument replaced two industry standards, the K 100 and K200. The HK300 can instantly test both multi-layer and corrugated paper by using the capacitance method of moisture determination. Simply place the sample between the sensors, clamp down and the moisture percentage is digitally […]

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