Aspen Multi-system Corporation is the leading provider of high technology/high fidelity simulators for training in Healthcare. Having installed the first high-technology patient simulators in 2007, Aspen Multi-system has since then installed over 24 medical simulators throughout the Philippines. Providing healthcare professionals and first responders unparalleled realism in medical training.



Blue Phantom bone fracture model

Blue Phantom Bone Fracture Model

The Blue Phantom bone fracture ultrasound training model is perfect for training clinicians and students in the technique of using ultrasound to identify bone fractures. The bone fracture training model allows users to develop and practice the psycho-motor skills necessary to gain proficiency in using ultrasound. These ultrasound imaging skills include; using ultrasound system controls, […]

CAE Learning Space

Simplify your simulation. Share your simulation. Watch Live broadcasts in any browser with as little as half a second of latency Up to 4 concurrently displayed and synchronized camera streams or 3 cameras and 1 simulator in each room Simultaneously view up to 25 live streams (one from each room) on a center overview screen […]

Blue Phantom Overhead

Blue Phantom Ultrasound Simulators

Building on a history of uncompromising realism and quality, Blue Phantom developed the Select Series models with a curved surface contour that allows for a realistic scanning environment. – Curved scanning surface – Larger scanning area – Images and cannulates like real tissue – Extremely durable: practice thousands of times – Develop necessary hand-eye coordination […]

CathLab VR

CathLabVR Interventional Simulator

Engaging endovascular simulation The CathLabVR Interventional Simulator, we perfect what it’s like to practice endovascular diagnostic and interventional procedures. Learners can navigate real medical devices through the simulator’s virtual anatomy, which incorporates 3D graphics, real patient data and state-of-the-art haptics. As learners manipulate catheters, wires, balloons and stents through the virtual anatomy, the simulator provides […]

Blast Trousers

Blast Trousers

Uncontrolled hemorrhaging is the number one concern for patient survivability at the point of injury. Many of these fatalities are being prevented by the prompt application of a tourniquet. However, there are many times when a tourniquet cannot be applied or may be ineffective in controlling a life threatening hemorrhage. One of the most difficult […]

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