SEM CX-200

Magnification x15 ~ x300,000 (Effective :~ x100,000)
Resolution 3.0nm [at 30kV, SE image]
Accelerating Voltage 1kV to 30kV
Electron Gun Tungsten Filament(w)
Detector SE Detector (Optional : BSE,EDS)
Stage 4-Axis Manual Stage System
x: 40mm,Y: 40mm
T: -20˚~90˚, R: 360˚,Z:5 to 60mm(Motorized)
Sample Size 55mm (H),130mm (Diameter)
Image Mode(pixel) · RDE (320×240), TV (640×480), Slow (800×600)
· Photo (1280×960, 2560×1920, 5120×3840)
Frame Rate · RDE (MAX. 30 frames/sec)
· TV (MAX. 10 frames/sec)
· Slow (MAX. 2 frames/sec)
Vacuum System Turbo Molecular Pump (Less than 3min)
Auto Functions Focus, Filament, Contrast, Brightness
OS · Windows7
Operation Key Board/Mouse
Dimension 400 (W) x 600(L) x 550 (H)mm,95kg

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