Aspen Multi-System Corporation is engaged in the distribution of laboratory equipment and manufacturer of laboratory furniture. Aspen’s main clientele is the educational sector, both private and public educational institutions, secondary schools to colleges and universities, and the industrial and environmental laboratory sectors. Aspen further services governmental regulatory and research institutions, supplying laboratory equipment for their quality control needs. Aspen Multi-System Corporation also distributes other training equipment, such as medical training simulators among others.

Aspen Multi-system Corporation is also the leading provider of high technology/high fidelity simulators for training in Healthcare. Having installed the first high-technology patient simulators in 2007, Aspen Multi-system has since then installed over 24 medical simulators throughout the Philippines. Providing healthcare professionals and first responders unparalleled realism in medical training.

Aspen's vision and mission is to provide high quality, competitive laboratory and training equipment to colleges and universities, governmental institutions and industries, while providing excellent after-sales service and support to its clientele.

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