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Moisture Balance

Moisture Balance
  • Moisture Determination Balances provide a primary method for accurate moisture measurement by using the loss on drying (LOD) method. A liquid or solid sample is placed in the sample pan. The integrated balance weighs the initial sample. The balance’s lid is closed, start button pressed, and the sample is dried. The balance periodically weighs the sample and when the test is completed, automatically calculates the moisture content (or solid content) of the initial sample.
  • Depending on the balance, drying can be set for a fixed time, continuous mode, or to dry until a gradient of weight loss is achieved. Our top of the line models will even predict the final moisture percentage and finish the test when the predicted value and associated confidence level meets a pre-determined level of precision. All systems include a three-year warranty.
  • Primary Method – no initial calibration required
  • Direct Moisture Measurement Method – industry standard test
  • Automatic Taring
  • Numerous drying programs to optimize testing throughput
  • Moisture Meter for both Liquids and Solids

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