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Concrete and Mortar Moisture Meters

  • Kett offers two systems for reliable concrete moisture measurement and mortar moisture measurement for the construction industry. The HI800 tests for leaks in walls by using a conductive probe. The HI520 (COCO) uses high frequency capacitance to measure the moisture content in dense solids. Factory calibrations are included for concrete, light-weight concrete, mortar and drywall. A fifth uncalibrated mode allows the user to create calibrations on non-standard products. The non-destructive measurements instantly displayed on the digital LCD screens.
  • We also offer two systems for “wet” concrete, our HI300 and HI330 systems. Sample moisture of slurry and aggregate are instantly measured, allowing the user to optimize batch mixing anytime, anywhere.
  • Pre-Calibrated Systems
  • Non-Destructive and Non-Invasive -no pin holes or discoloration
  • Instant Testing
  • Digital Display
  • Durable Construction and Ergonomic Design

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