Aspen Multi-system Corporation is the leading provider of high technology/high fidelity simulators for training in Healthcare. Having installed the first high-technology patient simulators in 2007, Aspen Multi-system has since then installed over 24 medical simulators throughout the Philippines. Providing healthcare professionals and first responders unparalleled realism in medical training.




Fully mobile with unlimited patient states and scenarios iStan is the most advanced wireless patient simulator on the market, with excellent articulation and full mobile capabilities. iStan’s modeled, integrated physiology allows instructors to launch a simulation with two clicks, or to program an unlimited number of patient states and scenarios for advanced practice.


CAE Fidelis Lucina Childbirth simulator

For all the stages of labor and delivery, you can count on the wireless CAE FidelisTM Lucina childbirth simulator. Lucina brings an impressive blend of features to the market including a more realistic and controllable birthing process, better articulation for labor and delivery maneuvers, and predicted APGAR scores based on the integrated maternal-fetal physiology. The […]


Human Patient Simulator (HPS)

Physiology you can count on. HPS is a mannequin so real it supports the use of anesthesia and medical gases. Built for anesthesia, respiratory, and critical care, the HPS has true oxygen and CO2 gas exchange to exhibit the ultimate sophistication in validated physiology. The HPS connects to a real patient monitor and supports mechanical […]

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