Health Care Simulation | Audiovisual Solutions for Simulation Centers

CAE Learning Space

Simplify your simulation.
Share your simulation.

Live broadcasts in any browser with as little as half a second of latency
Up to 4 concurrently displayed and synchronized camera streams or 3 cameras and 1 simulator in each room
Simultaneously view up to 25 live streams (one from each room) on a center overview screen
Widescreen HD video broadcast and recording, full screen mode
On-screen PTZ controls: click on image to pan and tilt, drag image to zoom in and out ; from multi or single room views
View any configured room securely using CAE-provided signed SSL certificates

Connect any simulated or real patient monitor for capturing and broadcasting HD screen image
Optical character recognition to turn the video signal from monitor into real-time data streams for visual trend charts and searchable physiological data
Use predefined layouts or define your own for identifying key captured values on the connected screen Supports remote site configuration

Define pre-set camera angles, which can be jumped to instantly during live action
Faculty/staff can complete user-customized assessment rubrics while watching live or recorded video
“What you see is what you get” content editor for
the easiest, most streamlined checklist building
process ever
Learners can interact with a variety of data entry
opportunities such as Pre/Post Encounter content
(ie SOAP Note, Step II CS write-up, hand off note, etc), Case evaluation as well as Self and Peer Evaluations Faculty/staff can grade any write up or short
answer question submitted by Learners Standardized Patients can complete checklists assessing Learners as well as each other
Generate and export custom reports covering both group and individual performance, or use one of the many predefined report options
Give learners access to their reports at home or
on campus
Export data from LearningSpace to work with outside of system (an excellent system for researchers)
Review faculty and standardized patient performance reports for quality assurance and consistency
User management tools with the ability to define roles, access privileges and group memberships
Email notifications for Learners/SP’s to pick preferred
session time, indicate availability for assessments Advanced scheduling capabilities to automatically adjust station schedules and extend rotations as SP and Learner availability changes
Pre-Schedule recording start/stop times and intercom announcements to coordinate with a pre-defied exam schedule for a fully automated recording system.

Track the use of simulation center resources (Rooms, Simulators, Personnel, etc.) by client. Generate reports quarterly/by semester/yearly
Allow faculty to submit booking requests for specific rooms/resources within the simulation center, to be managed by center administration
Follow Learner progress in key skill areas throughout their career within your program
Pause live or recorded view and continue where you stopped (“time shifted live view”)
Manually start/stop recording or set recording to occur based on a schedule or on user actions
Access and control all recorded videos on one page (debriefing, deleting, downloading, renaming or reassigning videos)

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