Aspen Multi-System Corporation offers advance analytical laboratory solutions to its clientele across the Philippine Archipelago. As turn-key provider of laboratory design, fixtures, and furniture, Aspen understands that analytical instruments must produce reliable data to enable scientists, researchers, and engineers to perform their research and product development with confidence, manage and control manufacturing quality, and optimize their output.

Aspen Multi-System Corporation represents various brands that are considered experts in their field. We offer solutions in the following disciplines:


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TOF-TOF System - Sciex 5800 System

TOF/TOF System – Sciex 5800 System

TOF/TOF™ 5800 System The TOF/TOF 5800 System provides the fastest and most confident path to identification and relative quantitation of proteins. The system’s unmatched speed and sensitivity make it the ideal platform for biomarker discovery, MALDI mass spectrometry imaging, and protein identification. More than 10-fold faster data acquisition with new 1 KHz laser and DynamicExit™ […]

Qtof Systems – Sciex Triple TOF

Qtof Systems – Sciex Triple TOF

Making the Impossible, Possible Take on new analytical challenges and extend your research capability with the TripleTOF® 6600 Quadrupole Time-Of-Flight (QTOF) mass analyzer. Built with versatility in mind, the TripleTOF technology unleashes sensitivity, speed, and productivity in a single multifaceted platform to help you dig deeper into complex samples. Ultra-fast acquisition rates allow you to […]

Qtof System – Sciex X500B

Standardized Characterization Workflows Have Never Been Easier Built specifically for biologics characterization, the X500B QTOF System it will help you boost your analytical capacity, simplify workflows and accelerate throughput in a matter of days. X500B is the first true benchtop, high resolution accurate mass QTOF solution. This High Resolution Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (QTOF) system combines compact, […]

Qtof System Sciex X500R

Qtof System – Sciex X500R

The Practical End-to-End High Resolution Workflow Made for routine food, environment, and forensic testing labs, the X500R QTOF system was designed for performance and made to simplify screening and quantitation of unknowns in complex samples. But it is more than just a mass spec. The X500R workflow ensures a seamless implementation for your lab. From […]

q trap system sciex 6500+

Q Trap System – Sciex 6500+ Q Trap

This system is the fastest and most sensitive QTRAP. It provides the best LOQs to enable the detection and quantification of the widest scope of chemical compounds in the most challenging matrices. Improved polarity switching and MRM3 speeds allow faster chromatography and better throughput. The built in QTRAP functionality opens the door to being able […]

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