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gas chromatograph Crystal 9000

Gas Chromatograph

Crystal 9000 Gas Flow & Pressure control – Unified Electronic Pneumatic System (UEPC) Maximum total flow: 1250 mL/min for any gas Oven temperature range: up to 450 °С with unlimited number or ramps Pressure control setpoint resolution: 0.01 kPa / 0.001 psi Number of inlet/detectors simultaneously: 3 inlets / 4 detectors Detector range: FID, FPD, […]


Amino Acid Analyzer

S 433 Automatic Amino Acid Analyser The innovative automatic Amino Acid Analyzer S 433 combines the advantages of the classical ion exchange separation method with the modern technique of high performance liquid chromatography. The complete package of sophisticated instrumentation, a wide variety of prepacked and tested separation columns, combined with optimized ready-to-use buffer solutions and […]


High Performance Ion Chromatograph

The Automatic Ion Chromatograph S 151 A and Manual S 151 M is a modular system which can be customized to any application needs. The Sykam Auto-Suppressor is a robust chemical suppression system to increase the sensitivity of the anion analysis by reducing the background conductivity of the eluent.


High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

S500 / S600 HPLC Isocratic, Binary and Quaternary HPLC – 400 bar and 600 bar Version UV-Vis Detector – Dual Channel and Scanning PDA Detector – 1024 Diodes Autosampler – Dual Injection Mode with Automatic Derivatization Column Oven – Cooling and Heating up to 150 deg C

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