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Friction Testers, Wear Testers and Surface Property Analyzers

  The Kett Heidon line of friction and wear tesers and surface property analyzers provide unsurpassed performance measurement of friction coefficients (kinetic and static), adhesion, peel strength, tackiness, scratch strength and wear. The flagship 14LFW Multi-Tester allows the user to provide a multitude of different physical characterizations on a single test station, reducing laboratory space […]


Portable Handheld Coating Thickness Gauges

Kett provides a wide array of handheld gauges to measure coating and plating thickness. These systems use eddy current (non-ferrous substrates), magnetic inductance (ferrous substrates) or both principles (dual mode). Simple to use and providing instant measurements, models offer measurement storage, statistical calculations, RS232 data communication and even integrated printers. Our wireless models allow the […]

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