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Vimedix Ob/Gyn Ultrasound Simulator

vimedix ob/gyn

Patient encounters are limited, the VIMEDIX Ob/Gyn isn’t. CAE Healthcare presents ultrasound imaging so rare, it has to be seen. The obstetric simulator delivers the low frequency, high risk fetal cases you want, when you want them. A collection of more than 20 fetal pathologies provide students with the ultimate training experience, because learning shouldn’t have to wait. The Ob/Gyn simulator supports second trimester scanning as well as endovaginal ultrasound scan for the first trimester, giving learners a wider range of learning opportunites.

Using the same beauty that set the VIMEDIX apart in echocardiography ultrasound simulation, the Ob/Gyn simulator is amazing
on a whole new scale. The 3D view provides new learners with crisp views of maternal and fetal anatomy to accelerate the learning curve in probe positioning. Every pathology is incredibly detailed to support gestational age assessment, amniotic fluid estimation, and the detection of birth defects. With the VIMEDIX Ob/Gyn, we give you the power to make simulation training amazing.

Key Features

  • Features second trimester (20 weeks) scanning with realistic fetal and maternal anatomy
  • Ability to add an endovaginal module to support transvaginal scanning of an 8-week fetus
  • Visual cue is provided to indicate if endovaginal probe is causing pain to the patient
  • Ability to date a pregnancy, estimate the amount of amniotic fluid, and detect structural abnormalities (birth defects)
  • Users can select the fetal gender in second trimester cases
  • Ability to load pathologies in stealth mode to hide the name of the pathology from learners
  • Augmented reality display includes interactive, animated 3D anatomical depiction of organs, structures and abnormalities
  • High resolution, real-time ultrasound images that can be viewed simultaneously with 3D anatomical images in split screen mode
  • Visual display of surrounding anatomical structures: fetus veins and arteries, mother’s bladder, mother’s bones, mother’s intestine, umbilical cord, placenta, uterus and skin
  • Ability to toggle on/off structures from the augmented reality display
  • Ability to change the position of the fetus
  • Target Cut Planes allow learners to visualize correct probe positioning
  • Metrics to assess competency and for research purposes
  • Metrics, reports, images, and video captured may be exported to a USB storage device
  • VIMEDIX Ob/Gyn simulator available as a module option to VIMEDIX Ultrasound Simulator or as a stand-alone platform
  • Adjust level of noise on ultrasound view to alter image quality
  • Ultrasound tools allow learners to take measurements of the fetus and compare with accurate measurements
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