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Triple Quad System Sciex 6500+ LCMSMS

sciex triple quad system 6500+

The SCIEX 6500+ Series with IonDrive™ technology and improved detection system, with optional addition of the elevated SelexION®+ differential mobility separation technology device, merges outstanding sensitivity with renowned performance to give you the lowest limits of quantitation (LLOQ) for compounds of many classes, even in complex matrices, for robust and reliable results you can count on.

Low mass or high mass, positive or negative polarity – detect and identify analytes across a wide scope of chemistries at once. The Triple Quad 6500+ system enhances performance across key applications including:
– Small and large molecule bioanalysis
– Comprehensive food residue monitoring
– Priority environmental contaminant detection
– Biomarker verification
– Forensic drug screening in complex matrices

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