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Triple Quad System – Sciex 5500 LCMSMS

triple quad system 5500

The Triple Quad 5500 LC-MS/MS System is designed to deliver high levels of sensitivity and robustness for even the most complex and demanding matrices. The Triple Quad 5500 LC-MS/MS exceeds the performance required by even the most demanding DMPK and ADMET studies and excels at multi-component quantitation required by environmental, targeted quantitative proteomics, clinical research, and food and beverage applications. Built from the ground up on new, fast eQ™ Electronics, the LC-MS/MS system combines new-and-improved patented technologies with the powerful Analyst Software.

– Robust, high-throughput platform for all stages of pharmaceutical development
– Excellent results for highly-multiplexed peptide quantitation
– Unequalled accuracy and precision for quantitative analysis
– Smaller footprint
– Lowest limits of detection available for DMPK and ADMET studies

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