Renewable Energy

Smart Grid (Solar/Wind/Fuel/Cell) Training System

• Integrated training system designed to help the user learn basic principles of renewable energy and practice circuit configuration throughout theory verification and simulation
• Hands-on power control practices covering various power generation system: off-grid, grid-tied, hybrid and smart grid
• Voltage /current/load experiments per grid in both solar PV and wind power generation
• Modularized structure with a modular rack for easy attachment and detachment of modules
• Rigid and durable worktable in aluminum profile structure, plus mod- ule storage drawers allowing user convenience in keeping experimen- tal modules safe
• Supports various experiments in relation to a shift in the position of the Sun by applying the artificial light source
• With charging controller and rechargeable batteries for energy restoration
• Use an Inverter to practice an AC load experiment
• Standalone or integrated monitoring on the voltage and current
values of experimental modules

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