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guideWELD LIVE real welding guidance system

This real welding guidance system provides immediate in-helmet feedback on three core aspects of welding technique – work angle, travel angle and speed – during live welding!

Real Arc Welding

Users receive instant in-helmet feedback on the following aspects:

    • Work angle
    • Travel angle
    • Arc speed

Enriched Welding Instruction

By giving users real-time feedback on their welding techniques, this system allows instructors to:

    • Concentrate more on individual students
    • Decrease cost of consumables as students produce quality welds faster
    • Increase classroom safety

Designed for Education

Written by a certified welding instructor, the included curriculum features:

  • 3 units: Welding Safety, Welding Defects and Welding Specifications and Weld Testing
  • Weld Flash Cards so students learn to identify defects
  • Presentation slides, teacher guides, student worksheets, quizzes and exams

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