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Qtof System – Sciex X500B

Standardized Characterization Workflows Have Never Been Easier

Built specifically for biologics characterization, the X500B QTOF System it will help you boost your analytical capacity, simplify workflows and accelerate throughput in a matter of days. X500B is the first true benchtop, high resolution accurate mass QTOF solution. This High Resolution Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (QTOF) system combines compact, robust, and reliable instrumentation with powerful and intuitive software to get you to characterization answers faster and easier.

Easy Setup Allows You to Starting Running Samples Quickly

Running the X500B system is a simple point and click interface, SCIEX OS. SCIEX OS is designed to maximize the hardware and offer a surprisingly intuitive icon-based interface. It dramatically reduces the complexity of setting up LC-MS methods and batches, making standardized biologics characterization accessible to scientists of any skill level, without the involvement of mass spec experts.

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