Aspen Multi-system Corporation is the leading provider of high technology/high fidelity simulators for training in Healthcare. Having installed the first high-technology patient simulators in 2007, Aspen Multi-system has since then installed over 24 medical simulators throughout the Philippines. Providing healthcare professionals and first responders unparalleled realism in medical training.



CAE Learning Space

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Infant patient simulator for life-saving critical care Driven by validated models of infant cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological systems, BabySIM generates automatic responses to clinical interventions to prepare healthcare professionals for critical events relating to infants.


Realistic physiology for practice of pediatric care¬†— because children are not just small adults. PediaSIM represents a six-year-old patient with a realistic airway, thorax and anatomical features to support a wide range of clinical interventions. PediaSIM is available on the HPS platform, which is designed for anesthesia, respiratory and critical care, or the ECS platform, […]

Treat blast injuries.

Caesar Trauma Patient Simulator

Exceptionally rugged, incredibly tough, Caesar lets you simulate extreme scenarios for trauma patient care. Military and first responders can perform water-based decontamination operations and perfect high-angle rescue operations. Furthermore, Caesar prepares medics for the most extreme situations with a 1.4L on-board blood tank capacity and six bleeding ports. Caesar is engineered for maximum strength to […]

METIman Patient Simulator

Essential features, essential scenarios, essentially awesome, METIman is the perfect companion for patient simulation. Not only does METIman have the wireless, high fidelity technology you expect but we let you decide what features matter most. CAE Healthcare gives you the option to choose from the Prehospital or Nursing model so you get everything you want […]

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