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Apollo Patient Simulator


Apollo Patient Simulator — Not just renamed. Apollo is METIman reborn.

All good things do not have to come to an end. They can be reimagined. They can be refreshed. They can be revitalized. They can be reborn. Apollo is the rebirth of METIman. Apollo retains all the essentials that made METIman the perfect companion for patient simulation, but goes much further to achieve an exceptional level of authenticity.

The metamorphosis from METIman to Apollo is more than a change in external features. Apollo’s integrated CPR analysis is compliant with the American Heart Association’s 2015 guidelines with correct hand placement, depth, and rate of compressions being captured. This is reflected in both the physiological feedback and as a virtual target on the instructor’s workstation. With
a choice of configurations and operating systems Apollo provides a wide range of flexibility and versatility in running Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) for training and assessment.

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